JCDecaux Case Study

The team behind itsapproved are passionate innovators who are focused on challenging the status quo. A brilliant mix of people creating intelligent solutions and software using advanced technologies. The itsapproved software was initially developed to streamline our internal processes. The results achieved were so good; we figured we could offer the solution to our customers, so we expanded the software to encompass our customers needs, allowing them to benefit from years of internal development. 



One of our clients, JCDecaux, had an internal print management process that wasn’t coping with their increasing demands. The procedure for booking every print order in with various printers consisted of duplicating data, exporting spreadsheets, multiple phone calls and emails. Chasing, reviewing and approving artwork was one of the most time consuming tasks, which took up precious production time. The average process tallied 33 separate tasks and it needed simplifying. 

Having worked with JCDecaux for many years, Cestrian identified that tailoring the itsapproved technology to JCDecaux, would make huge savings by removing laborious tasks. So we embarked on using it as a springboard and developed a bespoke solution specifically for JCDecaux. Together we have created a revolutionary print management system that automates the entire booking, proofing and delivery process and drastically reduces the overall amount of manual tasks. This system allows access to any print supplier, providing one global portal where all jobs can be monitored and controlled. 
When we started the project, the average number of print orders per month for one of JCDecaux’s production teams totalled 440 separate orders. We calculated that these jobs consisted of approximately 2,200 phone calls and 2,640 emails - all taking up 234 hours of account management time. Using the tailored itsapproved system to its full potential, the same 440 orders now consist of approximately 880 phone calls and has removed almost all emails, which reduced account management from 234 hours to 73 hours, a reduction of 71%. 


When used to its full potential, itsapproved creates savings of: 


HOURS = 71%
  CALLS = 60%
  EMAILS = 100%


Benefits to JCDecaux


Using JCDecaux’s tailored system, released previously wasted valuable time allowing account management teams to concentrate on sales opportunities and more value added activities. Having peace of mind, knowing all print orders are following the same process, provided quick and easy access to finding any print order at any point in the process regardless of who booked the order into the system. This also improves response times to enquiries and speeds up the production process, giving better results and experience to the advertiser. The optional iPhone and Android apps allow the team to track and communicate with their suppliers and customers while out and about, further improving response times and reducing waiting times.