A revolution in print management

Are your promotional campaigns a constant cycle of emailing and calling, chasing and sending?

Wouldn't it be great if you could automate these tasks?

itsapproved is ideal for businesses that have standardised print products. It is a game changing print management platform that unifies, simplifies and streamlines manual management tasks, allowing you to spend your valuable time on more added value opportunities. Results have proven that time-savings of over 70% are achieved using itsapproved.

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What can it do for you?

itsapproved has instant pre-flight checks, automated management tasks, sophisticated logisitics management, cloud based central archives and a mobile app. The real-time status and control of every project is at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want.



The online hub, allows your team to manage any standardised print job, no matter how many print suppliers you use.



With pre-flight checks you can manage any size project in less time - improving your speed to market.



itsapproved reduces the amount of time your team spends on manual, repetitive tasks by setting up automated notifications.



The system contains your pre-agreed prices and the specifications for your standardised products - improving the overall accuracy of projects.



The accompanying iOS and Android app allows you to progress your print projects even if you are out of the office.



Finally, itsapproved is completely tailored to you. It is set up with all yours or your customer’s standard products.

JCDecaux Case Study

One of our clients, JCDecaux, had an internal print management process that wasn’t coping with their increasing demands. The procedure for booking every print order in with various printers consisted of duplicating data, exporting spreadsheets, multiple phone calls and emails. Chasing, reviewing and approving artwork was one of the most time consuming tasks, which took up precious production time. The average process tallied 33 separate tasks and it needed simplifying. 



Who is it for?

Those for whom time is of critical importance use itsapproved to reduce the number of error revisions and shorten the print and delivery process.

Brands, agencies and print management companies who handle a high volume of print projects and involve a high number of people.

Companies who rely on emails and status reports to provide a record of approvals and deliveries for print.

For businesses who value the consistency and integrity within their brand and its operations.

For anyone who manages important client relationships, will benefit from a more streamlined workflow with improved communication and collaboration.


Mobile app

The itsapproved app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing you to track and manage all your print jobs on the move.

You can view print proofs and real-time job statuses as well as estimated time of arrival and proof of delivery, allowing you to keep all your projects on track even when you are out of the office.

What our customers think

“At JCDecaux we have a high volume of print orders going through our account management teams every week that allow us to complete orders as efficiently and effectively as possible ensuring the delivery to the customer is executed on time and to the right specification.


Cestrian approached us with a software solution called 'itsapproved' that was tailored to our products and the way we work. It reduced the time taken to complete each order, creating more opportunities to invest the time in new business opportunities.


The product was quick and easy to implement and our account teams became familiar with it almost instantly. Working with ‘itsapproved’ has been a great success and I know the team are continually developing additional modules to make it even better."


Group Operations Director, JCDecaux UK

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